Promoting Sexual Wellness Through Sex-Positive Activism

Jamila Dawson, LMFT is an interdisciplinary sex therapist working to promote sexual wellness by addressing both the individual and the society in which they live. Using a tailored approach of psychology and pleasure-positive activism, Jamila helps people let go of sexual scripts that don’t serve them and cultivate more vibrant, nourishing, and satisfying sex lives and relationships.


Who I Work With

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  • Individuals, partners, and couples

  • Womxn of Color

  • Interracial partners

  • LGBTQ folks

  • Sex workers

  • Sexual, relationship and gender-diverse people: those who are polyamorous , swingers, in the kink/BDSM lifestyle

  • Anyone interested in creating and sustaining healthier, more vibrant and more satisfying sex and relationships through a better understanding of themselves and the culture in which they live

How I Can Help

  • Improving sexual technique and understanding

  • Overcoming sexual dysfunctions

  • Healing from relational/sexual trauma

  • Navigating a new stage in a relationship

  • Entering and thriving within alternative sexuality communities

  • Alleviating the impacts of systemic/ internalized discrimination on POC and marginalized groups such as sex workers

  • Expanding the experience of the erotic into everyday interactions

  • … and much more. Click below for more information.

Training for Clinicians and Professionals


In addition to sex therapy and sex education, I also provide training for clinicians and professionals looking to expand their understanding of sexuality and the ways it interacts with culture. Click below for more information.


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