Psychotherapy for Individuals and Partners/Couples

When it comes to sexuality and love, many of us are carrying around old stories, misinformation, and the pain of difficult experiences that we want to be free of. My approach to my work is grounded in collective wellness. I believe that our connection to others is what carries and sustains us through this life. It is my goal to help you create the rich and dynamic relationships that you want. Sex therapy can help with longstanding challenges and the complex dynamics that occur due to cultural/societal training, anxiety, depression, or PTSD/trauma. Through somatic, mind/body approaches, I teach my clients how to get back in touch with themselves, how to communicate more effectively, help them shed shame and misconceptions, increase intimacy and create sexy and sustainable relationships. I am proud to support people within the LGBTQ+, Kink/BDSM, Sex Worker, Ethical Non-monogamy communities.

Sexuality Coaching

Additionally, unlike many sex therapists, I’m also a sexuality educator. This means that I don’t focus solely on problems and sexual dysfunctions. I can provide short term coaching in which I answer specific questions about sexual pleasure and provide customized guidance on how to safely navigate new sexual activities and expand your sexual repertoire. Please contact me for more information.

Early Career Coaching for New Professionals

Becoming a psychotherapist is an exciting yet daunting journey. There were so many things that I wish someone had told me and I am committed to supporting values-driven therapists, particularly POC & LGBTQ folks, to develop the skills and mindset to succeed . I can help you to:

  • Identify clinical/personal strengths and talents.

  • Gain clarity on what niches or populations you could work with.

  • How to navigate in your personal life when people know that you are a therapist.

  • Process experiences around marginalized identities/systemic barriers.

*Individual supervision to be offered soon.

Organizational Trainings

This service primarily targets clinical/academic organizations who are interested in enhancing their competency in supporting/working with marginalized and oppressed populations. I can offer your team information, tools, and strategies to help achieve your organization’s goals. Currently I offer the following trainings and I’m happy to create a customized training for your organization.

  • Centering the Edge: Relational Practices of Power, Pleasure, and Imagination

  • The Sex Positive Clinician: Working with Alternative Sexuality Populations

  • The Erotics of Therapy: Navigating Eros and Countertransference

  • Licking Honey from the Thorn: Shifting Sexual Trauma through the Erotic

  • Gender and Sexual Expression: Understanding Diverse Identities

  • BDSM/Kink & Mental Health

  • Understanding & Navigating Ethical Non-Monogamy

  • Desire, Negotiation & Consent